New Training Boot Camp for Securing Federal Business Opportunities

Bring your technology to the government market. Faster.

In partnership with One Defense, Public Spend Forum is proud to offer this one of a kind boot camp for companies that want to bring innovative technology into the federal government and national security sectors.

But we're just a small company with no prior government experience. How can we ever hope to compete?

We's intimidating to compete against established companies that have been selling into government for decades.

But did you know that as a small company, you've actually got big advantages that larger players don't have?

Discover your competitive advantage by completing this brief survey, and we'll send you a report customized for your business.

"The course is full of great, practical advice. The lesson on prospects is killer…and the information on process challenges and risk aversion is also very useful.”

— Nithi Vivatrat, Co-Founder of Intellei, LLC 

Maybe we do have the technology that government needs, but who do I even talk to about making a deal?

One of the toughest challenges is figuring out who's who, and what they do.

The truth is, it varies. But we've built a successful business developing genuine relationships with government officials and want to share our experiences with you. 

The key is understanding three types of government prospects, and knowing what to say when opportunity knocks.

“Compared to other resources, I found Public Spend Forum's content to be very useful. It doesn't have the typical 'Gov 101' stuff you might see in other courses that go on for hours; this training dives right into the subject matter most relevant to my needs. I can also take it at my leisure and in my own space, leaving me more time to focus on our core business objectives.”

– Farah Brunache, Founder of Electric Feel

Okay sure...I can talk the talk, but can I really walk the walk? All I hear is how complex federal purchasing is.

Trust us: while it may seem intimidating, the reward for suppliers that navigate the rules successfully is entry into one of the most lucrative markets in the world. 

You don't need a PhD in Government to work through just need some help! 

For a sneak peak at what you'll get in this course, watch our first lesson!

“This course is giving me a good understanding of a $5.4 billion dollar market for software. I like how their training starts at a general level and gets more specific as it moves on. For instance, I didn't know there was a distinction between program and contracting, that the budget owner isn't the same person that awards the contract. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get into the public sector.”

– Warren Williams, Program Manager at LISNR

Plenty of training resources promise insight into federal procurement. Why is this bootcamp any different?

FIrst, this bootcamp is not just about procuremet. To succeed in this market, you need to know more than just the process. While our bootcamp will demystify federal procurement, it also gives insights into the federal marketplace. From understanding your customer and their needs to how various stakeholders and policies impact the ultimate award, we provide you the market insights and intelligence you need to start winning contracts. 

Over the course of this flexible learning program, we'll take you through the entire federal market, listen to your needs, and equip you with the tools you need to find your own way. Here's what you'll receive:

  • Video learning path on selling IT to government that lets you take at your own pace and place
  • Weekly webinars and virtual events where you learn from experts such as Dr. Steve Kelman from Harvard's Kennedy School 
  • Free subscription to our weekly newsletter featuring public sector market intelligence
  • Personal consulting from our program faculty
  • Mentor matching through our network of former government professionals, private sector titans, and investors with a public sector focus
  • Access to a special rapid contracting vehicle to take products directly to the defense market 

The Bottom Line: We'll have you ready to sell to the government in four short weeks. But this opportunity is limited to 25 participants...don't miss your chance!

The Program Starts on July 10th

The government may be a challenging buyer, but it represents a lucrative and long-term market for companies that can navigate its complexity. We’ve organized our deep public sector expertise into a four week program that takes you inside the federal procurement and contracting process.  

In just four weeks, we’ll prepare you to sell to this unique buyer and share real techniques for closing deals. 

Your journey starts in week 1 as we dive into the procurement process, and follow the money from each type of prospect and throughout the fiscal year. During week 2, we'll examine how the sales process is different in the government before tackling specific techniques to develop business in week 3. Our boot camp concludes with an examination of traditional barriers to entry and powerful techniques for overcoming these hurdles. 

July 10-14: Following the money

July 17-21: How the sales process is different

July 24-28: Developing business

July 31-Aug 4: Clearing pitfalls & hurdles

We'll take you inside this market so you can make an informed decision about whether to pursue a government customer. With an 18 month sales cycle, time is money. We'll help you avoid common mistakes that cost you both.


Why are you doing this?

At Public Spend Forum, we believe that government deserves the best that the private sector has to offer. Our mission is to connect buyers with the most innovative technology available, especially from new companies like yours. That's why we launched this federal sales accelerator, specifically to take the mystery out of working with the federal government, give you the tools and techniques you need, all delivered by real people who have been there before, both from the sales side and the buy side.

What is Public Spend Forum? 

Public Spend Forum is the ONLY global community focused on public procurement and the public sector market. 

Whether you’re a government professional or a supplier, or have an interest/oversight in government spending, as a member you'll have access to the only global community and knowledge network dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market.

Everyone can join our open global community to connect with members across the world, learn and improve your skills, exchange ideas, engage in discussions, and access world-class content.

Now—Get a FREE "Federal Readiness" Consultation

Let us help you determine your readiness for federal sales. Even if you aren't ready just yet to take our bootcamp, we can help you think through exactly where you are in your business maturity as it relates to selling to the government: 

  • Socioeconomic considerations. Did you know that certain agencies are required to set contracts aside for specific categories of small businesses? Find out if you qualify. 

  • Access to funding. The government is hungry for lean, agile and innovative companies to inject new tools and techniques into their current operating environment. We can introduce you to VCs and Angels that provide access to the capital you need to get there. 

  • Fast track go to market strategies. Find out if your products or services are appropriate for innovative procurement techniques and channel partners. 

We know that companies like yours can add significant value to the government and all of our fellow citizens. If more small, innovative companies can be introduced to and adopted by the government, everyone will benefit greatly. This is how we all win! 

Bonus Training: Introduction to Federal Contracting

Still not sure if this boot camp is right for you? Join us on July 6th for an introduction to federal contracting and ask us any questions about what we'll cover in the four week bootcamp.